About The Paediatric Training Academy

About Us

The Paediatric Training Academy was founded by Leoni Joubert in February 2012. The aim of the Academy is to provide practical training in Paediatric Vision and related topics to qualified optometrists and other professionals.

Our Mission & Vision

The Paediatric Training Academy exists to offer post-grad courses in paediatric and binocular vision and visually related learning problems. A weekend congress is held once a year, where fun activities are combined with lectures on various topics.

Our Founder

Leoni Joubert at Paediatric Training Academy

Leoni Joubert

Leoni has a Master’s Degree in Optometry with a special interest in Paediatric Vision. She has 24 years experience in Diagnostic Procedures, and has previously lectured in Paediatric Optometry, Ocular Pathology, General and Ocular Pharmacology.

Leoni has completed post-grad training in the UK and USA in many fields including the Advanced Study in Paediatric and Binocular Vision and ADHD. She has also done a post-grad qualification in Dyslexia with UJ and is able to conduct Dyslexia Assessments in both English and Afrikaans. She has presented at many conferences both locally and internationally and writes articles for several publications.

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Have fun & be edutained with top leaders in their field at this partially-virtual congress