2019 Congress Details

Practical Paediatric, Clinical, CL and BV Congress

5 - 7 July 2019

N$ / R 5,500 excluding lodging

32 CPD points (including Ethics)

includes hands-on workshops

Imagine being in beautiful Namibia and having not one but FIVE Vision Award winners who are passionate about optometry, sharing their skills and knowledge.

Tired of being part of the “herd”? 

Come and learn new skills in our range of unique workshops and demonstrations, be exposed to the latest research on technology and its effects on vision, myopia control, dry eye treatment, eye movement evaluation, practice management and also take part in interactive sessions. Learn while having fun! Use your knowledge the very next day in your practice to make yourself unique.

Don’t miss out! Space is limited!

Arebbusch Lodge Namibia
Arebbusch Lodge Namibia

Are you ready to be enthralled, educated, mentally stimulated, edu-tained, learn hands-on skills and get tons of practical advice on Clinical Optometry, CL and how to handle Paeds and BV patients?

 Then come to our 2019 congress

You needn’t have attended the previous courses. All new program with world-class multi-disciplinary speakers.

A chance to meet exhibitors with Optometric/CL/Paeds/BV appropriate products.

Our Speakers List

FIVE Vision Award Winners!

Wayne Gillan at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Prof Wayne Gillan

He's back AND he's now a Nature Guide!

Dirk Johan Booysen

Dirk Booysen

Continuing Clinical Research

Graham Chirch at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Graham Chirch

Optometric Researcher & Problem Solver

Bonita Lutzka

Bonita Lutzka

Changing Lives Every Day

Rus Pillay at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Rus Pillay

Technical Marketer & Optometrist

Leoni Joubert at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Leoni Joubert

Laugh & Learn - and also now a Nature Guide

Marolize Botha at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Marolize Botha

Bright Young Star

Schalk Burger

Schalk Burger

Pioneering an "inside-out" Approach

Mardeen Tait

Mardeen Tait

Impacting Lives with Visual Therapy

Craig Till at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Craig Till

Serial Entrepreneur & Sports Fanatic


Our Topics will Include

Either as a live lecture or as an online CPD format - these can be modified

Lectures (10 CPD – 1 Ethics, 9 Level 1)

  • Grand Rounds and advanced case presentations. Panel (1 CPD)

  • Common and serious contact lens complications: “The ultimate guide to diagnosis and management”. Dirk Booysen (1 CPD)

  • Myopia...why we should care and how to possibly influence it's progression. Wayne Gillan (1 CPD)

  • Can ethics of medical record-keeping be fun? Of course! Mock Court Case - You be the judge! Leoni & Wayne (1 CPD)

  • Paediatric Ocular Pathology: Kahoot Game Show Format – play and learn! Marolize Botha (1 CPD)

  • Dry eye – are we over treating our patients? Latest Treatment strategies. Dirk Booysen (1 CPD)

  • Cyber babies and Glow Kids: Effects of electronic screen use on infant and childhood development. Leoni Joubert (1 CPD)

  • Neuro optometry: The Visual Brain. Schalk Burger (1 CPD)

  • Prosthetic CL for children and adults. Bonita Lutzka (1 CPD)

  • Setting up your Paediatric practice for excellence: Ethical practice marketing and management. Graham Chrich (1 CPD)

Online (additional 16 CPD)

  • Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Visual perception in infantile nystagmus

  • Optometric and orthoptic findings in autism

  • Recent advances in Amblyopia

  • Specialist contact lenses for children

  • Myopia in practise

  • Non-tolerance and the science of prescribing

  • Visual stress and dyslexia for the practising optometrist

  • Benefits of adult strabismus surgery

  • Real case ethical scenarios

  • Clinical applications of OCT

  • Comprehensive Paediatric Vision Examination

Workshops (6h) - Open to All Delegates

  • Practical Paediatric examination techniques: tips and tricks when examining kids. Leoni

  • Advanced feature use of Electronic Vision Examination systems. Graham

  • Eye tracking: latest electronic assessment techniques and analysis of results. Marolize

  • Lacrimal system evaluation and treatment - punctal occlusion. Hands on workshop. Dirk

  • Advanced Slitlamp Techniques. Demonstration and Instruction. Wayne

  • Anterior Segment complications and pathology. Interactive Slide Show/Workshop. Dirk

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