Please note the 2020 Congress has been postponed until June 2021. Paid delegates will be kept informed.

Beyond 2020 - The Future of Paediatric Vision

Practical Paediatric, Binocular and Low Vision conference

12 & 13 June 2021 (TBC)

FNB CONFERENCE CENTRE, Grayston Drive, Sandton, JHB

R 5,800 excl accommodation

30 CPD applied for (including Ethics)

includes hands-on workshops

Our BEST ever conference awaits!

We have a special treat! International leaders Prof. Sue Cotter (renowned Paediatric research expert), Prof. Bennett McAllister (Low Vision/Clinical Optometric guru) and Dr Lou Lipschultz (Paediatric Low Vision and Technology Master) are all joining us for this amazing event!

PLUS our top local speakers Prof. Wayne Gillan, Dr Dirk Booysen, Allan Kaye, Graham Chrich, Leoni Joubert and Marita Rademeyer.

An amazing opportunity, not to be missed! Space is limited

Beyond 2020 - The Future of Paediatric Vision in Sandton JHB
CSIR Conference Centre and Auditorium Gauteng

Are you wanting to differentiate yourself from the pack? Upgrade your skillset, learn new techniques and be ready to offer unique services to your clients.

Have fun, be edutained and attend hands-on workshops with top leaders in their field at our next congress

You needn’t have attended the previous courses. All new program with world-class multi-disciplinary speakers.

A chance to meet exhibitors with Paeds/BV appropriate products.

Our Speakers List

THREE International Gurus plus Top Local Speakers

Sue Cotter at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Prof Sue Cotter

Lou Lipschultz at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Dr Lou Lipschultz

Dirk Johan Booysen

Dr Dirk Booysen

Allan Kaye at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Allan Kaye

Bennett McAllister at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Prof Bennett McAllister

Wayne Gillan at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Prof Wayne Gillan

Leoni Joubert at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Leoni Joubert

Marita Rademeyer at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Marita Rademeyer

Graham Chirch at the Paediatric Academy Congress

Graham Chrich

Our Topics will Include

Either as a live lecture or as an online CPD format - these can be modified

Proposed Lectures

  • Amblyopia: An Evidence-based Treatment Strategy (Prof. Susan Cotter)
    An updated evidence-based approach for amblyopia management, highlighting the results from recent Paediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) randomized clinical trials and observational studies on amblyopia, is provided for the eye care professional. Guidelines for patching, atropine penalization, optical correction for unilateral and bilateral amblyopia, and treatment of older children are discussed.

  • Paediatric Potpourri: What Every Optometrist Should Know (Prof. Susan Cotter)
    How to handle kids? Common clinical diagnosis and treatment conundrums pertaining to children are discussed.

  • When you hear hoof-beats think Zebra: atypical Amblyopia causes (Prof. Bennett McAllister)
    Amblyopia might be caused by conditions other than refractive error and strabismus. Malingering, Streff-Syndrome and Hysterical Amblyopia can be challenging to diagnose. This lecture will offer key points on these conditions to practitioners.

  • There's an App for That! Phone-Based Solutions for Children with Vision Loss (Dr Louis Lipschultz)
    There are over 22 million smartphone users in South Africa. This course reviews various mobile apps for smartphones that are appropriate for children (and adults) with low vision.

  • ADHD: What’s new, how it’s diagnosed, how to exami....oh look a squirrel! (Leoni Joubert)
    A brief look at signs, symptoms, diagnosis, examination techniques and latest treatment options for ADHD

  • Ethics - The Dark Side of the Internet and Social Media: Keeping your child safe online (Marita Rademeyer)
    Using some frightening real case examples this presentation will highlight international and African regional trends of the virtual and physical dangers that children face when they make use of the internet and social media platforms. This presentation will offer suggestions to parents and professionals to guide children in making safe online choices.

  • Ethics: Social Media Marketing Dangers and Delights (Graham Chrich)
    Beware the perils of Social Media! How to market yourself and your practice ethically and avoid the pitfalls of social media.

  • Sweet Surrender: An insider’s guide to Diabetes in children (Leoni Joubert)
    Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic and children are now, unfortunately, forming a significant portion of this demographic. Children are presenting to optometrists with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This lecture will provide an insider’s look into how to recognise diabetes signs in children and highlight the daily struggles of living with this condition as well as briefly discuss new high tech management options.

  • Binocular Vision Conundrums-Grand Rounds presentations (Prof Wayne Gillan)
    Interactive BV case studies will be presented.

  • Myopia Progression Prevention strategies for children (Allan Kaye)
    Practical myopia progression techniques and their associated success rates will be discussed.

  • Paeds, BV and LV Kahoot Quiz (Prof Wayne Gillan)
    Play and learn! Paeds ocular pathology, BV and LV conditions will be presented in a Kahoot Game show format.

  • Paediatric Ocular Emergencies (Dr. Dirk Booysen)
    Don’t miss this! Which ocular conditions are in need of URGENT immediate referral? A run through the most important Paediatric Ocular emergencies.

Proposed Workshops (4 CPD)

  • Diagnosis & Management of Convergence Insufficiency: What Every Optometrist Should Know (Prof. Susan Cotter)
    This workshop provides participants with a summary of results from recent randomized clinical trials for children with symptomatic convergence insufficiency as well as a review of a straightforward diagnostic strategy. Then a sequential treatment plan using simple and efficient in-office and at-home therapy techniques will be provided.

  • Solutions for the Paediatric Low Vision Patient: From No-Tech to High-Tech (Dr Louis Lipschultz)
    Products and strategies to be considered by the primary eye care optometrist in caring for children with vision impairment are discussed and demonstrated

  • Don’t forget Ret: Retinoscopy for success (Prof. Bennett McAllister)
    Retinoscopy is a lost but vital art that can provide a myriad of information very quickly. Besides being used to determine the refractive state, the retinoscope can be used for many other tests. Some of these techniques as well as Speed Ret will be demonstrated and delegates will have the opportunity to practice them. Dust off your ret and bring it along to learn some new/forgotten skills!

  • Foreign Body removal workshop (Dr Dirk Booysen)
    Hands-on foreign body removal techniques will be demonstrated. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice some removal techniques.

Extra Online Content

More info to follow soon...